All times in this program are in Central European Time (CET)

Registered participants will have access to video recordings of all presentations through this website following the conclusion of each day.

Download the program and abstracts here.

Day 1 – Thursday, 5 November


13.00    Welcome

13.30     Panel 1: Environmental Matters

                 Chair: Carsten Ruhl, Goethe-University Frankfurt/Architectures of Order, GER


Juliana Yat Shun Kei, University of Liverpool, UK:

The Environmental Metaphors between Architecture and Ecology c.1965


Christian Vöhringer, Universität Stuttgart, Germany:

Ahh, Landschaft! Metaphorical uses of landscape in office, work and research environments


14.45     Break

15.00    Panel 2: Organic Urbanisms

                 Chair: Frederike Lausch, RWTH Aachen/CCSA, GER


Lina Dima, University of Thessaly, Greece:

Organic City. Modern Aspects of the Biological Metaphor in Architecture and Urbanism


Alejandro Campos, TU Delft, Netherlands:

Analogy versus Metaphor. Aldo van Eyck’s poetic images in-between fields


16.15     Break

17.45     Round Table (speakers only)

with an introductory talk by Martino Stierli, MoMA, NYC, USA

Day 2 – Friday, 6 November


12.50    Welcome to the second day

13.00    Panel 3: Metaphor as Method
                 Chair: Rembert Hüser, Goethe-University Frankfurt/Architectures of Order, GER


Avishek Ray, National Institute of Technology Silchar, India:

The Highway as a Metaphor. COVID Pandemic and the Politics of Mobility


Peng Xue, University of Edinburgh, UK:

From Metaphor to Paradigm: The Apocryphal Stories of the Mustard Seed Garden Reveals Dashilar as Heterotopic Urbanism


14.15     Break

14.30    Panel 4: Knowledge Foundations
                Chair: Daniela Ortiz dos Santos, Goethe-University Frankfurt/CCSA, GER


Michael Friedman, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany:

Changes of the Architectural Metaphor in Mathematics during the 19th and the 20th century


Michael Faciejew, Princeton University, USA:

The Documentation Center: A Material Genealogy of ‘Information Architecture’


15.45    Break

16.15     Panel 5: Metaphorical Frameworks

                Chair: Sarah Borree, Goethe-University Frankfurt/Architectures of Order, GER


Inés Toscano, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany:

Metaphors at the Top! Denise Scott Brown’s Speculative Feminist Analysis of the Sociology of Architecture


Ingrid Quintana-Guerrero, University of Los Andes, Colombia:

Inmundo: Architectural Metaphors from the Edge of the World

Day 3 – Saturday, 7 November


11.50     Welcome to the third day

12.00    Panel 6: Memories of Space

                 Chair: Szilvia Gellai, University of Vienna, AUT


Nadia Falfoul, University of Kairouan, Tunisia:

Disturbing Scenes: Architecture as Metaphor in Women’s Stories


Juno Hoay-Fern Ooi, University of Malaya, Malaysia:

Architecture as Political Spectre: The Rangoon University Student Union (RUSU) Building


13.15     Break

13.30    Panel 7: Constructive Metaphors
                Chair: Marija Marić, Architectures of Order Fellow, GER


Konrad Matyjaszek, Institute of Slavic Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Poland:

Concrete Abstractions: Production of Working Architectural Metaphors in the Design Practice of Warsaw’s Socialist Realism (1949-1956)


Mokọ́ládé Johnson, University of Lagos, Nigeria:

Yorùbá Metaphor in Contemporary Public Realm Architecture


Devika Prakash, TU München, Germany:

The Metaphorical ‘Co-Construction’ of the Smart City: Studying urban future as envisioned by India’s Smart Cities Mission


15.00    Break

15.30    Closing Remarks

Olga Touloumi, Bard College, USA

Architecture_Metaphor          International Conference          5-7 November 2020